Rudolf Mestdagh is a writer, director, and producer. Born in Brussels/Belgium in 1965.

Over the years, Rudolf has divided his time between theater, music, (as a DJ, musician, and club owner) and journalism. However, since 1989 he has dedicated himself to the medium of film.

Rudolf studied Film Directing & Producing at the Film Academy Brussels, whilst also studying both Literature and Screen writing at French University, ULB. He attended the Media Business School 2000, and has followed the EAVE-program 2002 for film producers through Media Plus. He followed several Workshops on Screen Writing (FEMI in Barcelona, AFI in Los Angeles).

After working for several years as a production manager, Rudolf launched two companies, Amalgam Inc. and CosmoKino, to produce and distribute a series of short films. Since then he has directed two feature films, seven shorts, three TV-films, fifteen documentaries and over fifty commercials. 

His second short film, Robochick, came in second in competition at the Cannes Film Festival in 1993. It won the Belgian Oscar (Platteau Award) and the Silver Apple in Oakland. Rudolf's first commercial, Marie Thumas, won the Bronze World Medal at the New York Advertising Festival and was shortlisted at Cannes.

For Channel 4 (UK), he directed two episodes of the TV-series Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels, produced by - and based on - the film by Guy Ritchie.

In 2004 his first feature film, eLLektra, co-written, directed and produced by him under his own company CosmoKino, has been shot for a € 1,5 million  budget with money from Flemish, Dutch, German and European Funds, two tv-networks VRT and Canal Plus Flanders. The film won 9 awards worldwide.

His second film, maelstrOm, a Casa Cosmo Production, is currently in post-production.